Who is Missing Children Europe?

The missing children hotline 116 000 was launched in 2011. The hotline enables each of us to report of a missing child. The hotline counsellors advise how to act in the situation and give primary crises counselling. The hotline works in close co-operation with the Police and Border Guard Board. The hotline 116 000 operates 24/7 and is free of charge to all callers. MTÜ Eesti Abikeskused is a full member of Missing Children Europe since March 2012.

What do we mean by “missing children”?

-    Runaways
-    Parental abduction
-    Abduction by a third person
-    Lost, injured or otherwise missing children
-    Missing unaccompanied migrant minors

Information about the missing child

Information about the missing child
-    Name and surname (and nickname, if any)
-    Date of birth (if not obtainable, age)
-    Gender
-    Origin and nationality

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Missing Children Europe (MCE)

Missing Children Europe is the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children. As an umbrella organisation, it represents 28 Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) active in 19 Member States of the European Union and Switzerland”.Each of these organisations is active in the prevention of and support for victims in cases of missing and/or sexually exploited children at grassroots level. For further information see

The overall mission of MCE is to:
-    ensure that in every EU Member State, the basic requirements in dealing with missing and sexually exploited children are met;
-    stimulate European and transnational cooperation to cope with the growing cross-border nature of the problem;
-    extend the level of its Members’ activities to a highly standardised operational level;
-    assist its Members in dealing with national authorities to achieve speedy, efficient and accurate implementation of binding European legislation in relation to missing and sexually exploited children.