Information about the missing child

Information about the missing child
-    Name and surname  (and nickname, if any)
-    Date of birth (if not obtainable, age)
-    Gender
-    Origin and nationality
-    Address, habitually resident with
-    Spoken languages
-    Disabilities (physical or mental), illnesses the child is suffering from, medical treatment the child receives
-    Physical description: age, hair colour and length, eye colour, weight, clothes last seen wearing, special physical traits (i.e. moles, scars, spectacles etc)
-    School, class
-    Mobile phone number, e-mail address, Facebook,Hi5 or Netlog account etc
-    Recent picture, if available

Information about the parents
-    Name and surname
-    Contact details (address, phone number, mobile phone number, job and working address)
-    Family status (marriage, cohabitation, legally separated, non-legally separated, divorce, any quarrel over child custody)

Information about the disappearance
-    Type of disappearance
-    Date, hour and place of disappearance (ask very specific information)
-    When and where was the child last seen and by whom? Was s/he alone then?
-    How long before the child was located and where was the child found the last time?
-    Has the child ever gone missing before?
-    What do you believe could have happened to the child? Where do you think the child may be? Is there a possibility s/he could be abroad?
-    Did something special happen before the disappearance?
-    Did the child disappear alone? If no, with whom could s/he be?
-    Have you filed a missing child report with the police (number of report, police department in charge of the case, contact details police officer in charge of the case)?
-    Items the child has with her/him: ID, money, mobile phone (ask for the number), clothes, medicines, valuable items, other objects